Rain, Salt, Caramels and Driving Companions

I love the synchronous nature of all things.  My participation in the process of synchrononicity is to ask, then pay attention as the Universe complies in the form of creation.  It’s really very simple, and it always works.  Always.

In reading the About page for the Salt and Straw ice cream shop I visited yesterday, I realized that the co-owner elicited product development help from Sarah Masoni (head of R &D at the Oregon Food Innovation Center) when he needed to develop ice cream recipes.  Then, in skimming through the latest issue of Portland Monthly magazine at my hotel, an article about Ben Jacobsen, who is “determined to become the best, biggest and most famous artisan salt producer in the United States,” caught my eye.

The recipe development piece.  The artisan salt piece.  I am the proprietor of the new company, Essential Confection, and my primary product is caramels… the Essential [sugarIMAG0295 and cream] Caramel, and the Essential Salted Chocolate Caramel.   I’ve researched and tested chocolate, and I’ve selected a flaked salt to garnish the salted chocolate caramel; however, I am nothing if not flexible and a supporter of small business.  In the same PM IMAG0279article, mention was made that Jacobsen’s salt was showcased at The Meadow on N Mississippi (in Portland), among many other world-class artisan salts, so I had to go.  Stay with me here…

On my our way out of town, my traveling companion (the well-groomed one who is IMAG0287snoozing in the photo) and I made a stop at The Meadow.  The shop offers: 1. artisan salt; 2. artisan chocolate; and 3. artisan bitters.  I recognized immediately that I was in over my head; well, not exactly… I was actually in my glory and I just needed much more time to peruse and taste-test than I had available in making an exit stage-west.  Nonethless, synchronocity had won the moment.

I am so sorry for the length of this post…

So, my traveling companion and I made our apologies to the wonderful man at The Meadow (promising our return), and we grabbed a Peruvian chicken sandwich from the La IMAG0280Sangucheria food truck at SW Ash and 3rd, and a latte from theIMAG0283 DT Stumptown location before hitting the road for the Oregon coast.

Rain.  Sprinkles.  Spring showers.  Driving rain.  Good God, does it ever end?  Three hours later we are tucked in our Florence, OR room overlooking the monochromatic Siuslaw River bay, happy as clams and anticipating what adventure tomorrow will bring.IMAG0291

This was definitely an Oregon Day.

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One Response to Rain, Salt, Caramels and Driving Companions

  1. Debi Hanrahan says:

    Absolutely loving reading about your trip, Linda, and enjoying the photos. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of sweet Mocha. Really hurts to lose a pet, I know. So glad that you and Donna were able to get together. I know she enjoys seeing you and sharing food
    . Travel safely. Debi Hanrahan, Cincinnati

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