All Things Come in Good Time

All things arise is good time.  It is so with technology.  I woke up to my view of the Pacific, this morning shrouded in very delicate misty rain.  I also awoke to photographs in my email.IMAG0329

The most prominent feature of Crescent City, CA is the Battery Point lighthouse.  The Del IMAG0334Norte County Historical Society says the lighthouse was first lit with oil lamps on 10-Dec-1856, and through a series of ownerships and de-commissions from the US Lighthouse Service to the to US Coast Guard to, now private ownership, the automated electric 20,000 candle-power light has provided a constant beacon to sea-faring traffic.  The lighthouse is only accessible via its jetty at low tide.  It’s said that a ghost inhabits the residence.

Food.  Honorable mention must be given to Abby’s Legendary Pizza.  Although I’m not above grabbing an Egg McMuffin IMAG0324(there, I said it), when on the road, I made a promise to myself that I would eat no fast food whatsoever on this trip, no matter how convenient it was or how inconvenienced I was.  [The girls, Biscuit and Mocha, always got the Canadian bacon as I took red meat out of my diet three years ago.]  Abby’s was a fantastic choice as I made the drive from Medford, OR to Smith River, CA.

For dinner I found the Harbor View Grotto, a local seafood hang-out on one of the IMAG0343IMAG0340Crescent City piers.  They have a terrific clam chowder, and I chose the pan-grilled Petrale sole, a local fish, as the entrée.  Petrale sole, actually a member of flounder family, has the delicate flavor and light texture of a sole; however, this particular fish fillet was unusually meaty.  Delicious.  A salad and a glass of wine.  Sea lions barked in the background…

IMAG0349The Redwoods Park Service checked me out on the park and, while I can’t take Biscuit on the trails, we have at least three fantastic drives ahead of us today.  I’m told there could be other benefits such as whale sightings and elk herds.

I have a date with Jedediah Smith.

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