There’s Only One Way to Describe Redwoods

The only way to describe the first-growth redwood forest is through tears.


Entrance to the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park is without fanfare.  I totally expected park rangers, fees, restriction handouts, orders of other kinds.  Instead, a single-lane unpaved road veered off the two-lane access road into the forest, and 10 miles of magic began.  The majesty of these trees cannot be described or overstated.  Even photographs cannot convey their magnificence.



I spread my sweet Mocha’s ashes under an enormous redwood just off the road with lush ferns, flowering plants and clover.  There’s no more beautiful a place in the world to live forever.


Not even the northern California or Oregon coastline can match the singular beauty of the redwoods.  Nonetheless, the drive to Coos Bay, OR was exquisite.  Each turn in the road was filled with rugged grandeur and mysticism.


At 8:00p the events of the day had overtaken me, and I realized I hadn’t eaten.  (Not counting a good cup of coffee and half a bag of Essential Caramels.)  Great staff at Captain’s Choice in Coos Bay served me 45 minutes after the restaurant closed.  Halibut and chips.

IMAG0402IMAG0404Service so good I left a 50% tip.

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