Yes, It was 58 Degrees

The drive from Coos Bay to Portland was a snapshot of the impermanence of life.  How can that be, you ask?  The weather, the weather, was a wonderful metaphor for the pushing away and clinging to, we beings fall prey to.  In one moment, the rain drove so hard as to reduce visibility to near-zero; then, in a literal moment, I drove out from under the rain cloud into absolute sunshine.  Push the rain away.  Cling to the sunshine.  I had to laugh.

I would never maintain my home’s internal temperature at 58 degrees, nor would I eat in a restaurant at 58 degrees.  Nonetheless, Luce, at 2140 E Burnside had a 35-40 min wait and I jumped at the opp to eat at one of their cafe tables on the street.  58 degrees.


IMAG0407Good advice is   good advice, regardless of who or where it comes from.  In this case, it was an irresistible write-up and reco in Portland Monthly which I pocketed awhile back.  This evening was my chance to grab a quick bite.  [It should be called Mile High] Arugula with Lemon and Pecorino Salad.  Perfectly dressed… super-slim slices of Pecorino.  Mmmm.

Corzetti with marjoram pesto.  Marjoram pesto.  Corzetti: large flat, slender, hand-cut pasta discs gently slathered with warm and lovely marjoram pesto.  Heavenly.


Having no shame, I snagged Luce’s signature sponge cake with pastry cream and pistachios to go as my teeth were (happily) chattering.  A couple of bites, and the rest is saved for tomorrow.  Did I say, for breakfast tomorrow?  With a great cup of coffee?

This is exactly how I like to eat (pho notwithstanding).  Perfect little bits of things that are stratospheric in quality.  A life made of memories, one bite at a time.

Luce, 2104 E Burnside, 503.236.7195

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