Ya Gotta Have Fun!

Often, it’s just important to enjoy the company and the view.  In this situation, the foodIMAG0464 is a delightful accompaniment and it enhances the enjoyment.

IMAG0466Can there be a better name for a restaurant (or hang-out) than Beaches?  Isn’t theIMAG0460 implication clear?  The Vancouver, Washington side of the Columbia River offers such a stage… commercial river traffic and sailboats as beautiful back-drops.


Donna, my sister, and Mary Karen and Tom and I grabbed a riverside table on a blustery but sunny Wed afternoon to usher in the evening.IMAG0462

Mary Karen, Donna

Mary Karen, Donna

Great apps.  Tilapia fajitas, Tuscan pizza, Southwest salad and the biggest physical burger, the Guilty Burger, I’ve ever seen.IMAG0457

IMAG0452IMAG0455Full advantage was taken of a fabulous, breezy, clear Portland day, enjoying the best of her features.  A grand river, water activities, fantastic friends and great apps!

Beaches, 1919 SE Columbia River, Vancouver, WA, 360.699.1592

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