Bulletin: Wyoming State Police Decline Essential Caramels

The Essential Caramel and The Essential Salted Chocolate Caramel will have (literally) traveled more than 5000 miles by the time I return to Cincinnati on Sun evening.

From Portland to Medford to Ashland, OR to Smith River and Crescent City, CA, and back to Coos Bay, Elkton, Newberg and Tigard, OR, the Essential Caramels offered themselves up as gifts to high-end retailers, hoteliers and restaurant servers.

I even offered Essential Caramels to the nice Wyoming State Police officer who kindly gave me a warning and not a ticket on the way west.  He, wisely, declined as he is not permitted to accept gifts from motorists he’s about to cite.  Thanks, Man.


Plans are to return to Portland to immerse in product development, refinement and marketing in the near future.  The Essential Caramel’s website, EssentialConfection.com, is under construction as we post.

The Essential Caramel travels are just beginning.

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