A Rich Trip on So Many Levels

Beautiful geographic themes are evident at every turn in the trip back to Cincinnati from the west coast.

The Missoula-Glendive, Montana leg brought breathtaking, panoramic views of the northern-most edge of the snow-covered Rockies at Yellowstone around Bozeman.  Farther east, the rugged Crazy Mountain range punctuated miles-wide ranches.  The scope and natural beauty of this Big Sky terrain is indescribable.

I popped off I-94 at Glendive to visit my son, KC, at Sidney, MT.  Sidney’s identity is largely based on the vast oil drilling operations of eastern Montana and western North Dakota.  His analogy: oil, money and testosterone.  Enough said.

On a bright, billowy, exquisite MN morning, Biscuit and I shoved off to Minneapolis-St Paul.  Mile after mile of jet black soil, newly planted, and perfectly manicured farms.  Lakes, so key a part of MN topography, appeared everywhere along the way.

IMAG0492St Paul felt like the well-behaved sister city to the cosmopolitan college town of Minneapolis.  Meticulous, quiet; beautifully architectural.  Had to grab a shot of the Fitzgerald Theater where Minnesota Public Radio’s Garrison Keillor hosts A Prairie Home Companion.  It was IMAG0494surreal to hear the show on the radio while snapping the shots, although it was live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and not in St Paul.

Last leg: Minneapolis-St Paul to Cincinnati via Madison, Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana.  Travel time: 12 hours.  Total driven miles for our west coast trip: 6,565.  A rich trip on so many levels… friends, family, food and adventure.

Travel log closed.  What’s next?

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