I Know a Good Thing When I Read It

A good idea being a good idea, I subscribe to the Lottie + Doof food blog.  Lottie + Doof won the Saveur magazine Best Cooking Blog award in 2012.  The photographic excellence really attracts me, and the narrative is like a conversation with a friend.  I guess we emulate what we admire.

Well, the best recipe for the day, today, on the Lottie + Doof blog is Asparagus with Parmesan Pudding and Prosciutto.  My interest in the recipe relates to its utter simplicity… the combination of the highest quality ingredients in perfect complement with one another.

The asparagus recipe also reminded me of the vegetables I roast every week.  It’s an assumed activity as I love the melded flavors and natural sweetness of the vegetables when roasted.  I use what’s best at market each week.


I vary the seasoning slightly sometimes, choosing herbs that naturally accentuate vegetables’ flavor, such as thyme, oregano or sage.  I fell in love with an herbed salt IMAG0501produced in Italy called Sale Alle Erbe delle Marlunghe, which I found some years ago at Pastaworks in Portland.  I can (and have) purchased via the Internet when supplies ran low; however, I prefer to peruse the handmade pasta in the Pastaworks Northwest case at the City Market in the Pearl or the charcuterie at the Hawthorne location, where I can stock up and find an excuse to buy something else.

On my previous supply pick-up, I was working my way back to Cincinnati through the San Jose airport when, bless her heart, a new TSA agent was instructed to inspect my salt.  I was asked  to open the jar (meaning, break the seal), then the agent sprinkled 50 cents of my precious commodity onto some mysterious testing paper.  No reaction.  I said “It’s salt.”  She was undaunted.  Then another 75 cent sample was subjected to a liquid chemical.  Cringing, I said “It’s salt.”  No reaction.  I was instructed to re-pack my contraband and move on, somewhat less salt-infused than before, but no worse for wear overall.

I guess Lottie + Doof knows a good thing when it sees it, too.  The recipe came from April Bloomfield’s book, A Girl and Her Pig.  Grab the recipe if you need super-light lunch or a great pick-up for guests.

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