I’d Love to Get Paid for Doing That

Have you ever remarked “Now, there’s a job I’d like to get paid for doing”, so unlike work it seems?  I often think this when I see Melissa Clark from the New York Times dining section and the super-short instructive videos she creates.

In a recent post, she teaches us how to trim asparagus.  No kidding.  Melissa’s videos commonly run under 3 minutes, so from a time allotment perspective I can never convince myself I don’t have the time to devote to watching it.  Smart.

One personal note as a P.S. to the video.  I’ll admit to not using the entire stalk after I snip off the tip, and peel the middle before thinly slicing it to use in my recipe or for roasting with other veggies, which I do every weekend.  I do, however, freeze the stalk bottoms (as I do broccoli stalks) for use in vegetable stock.  And if I’m making a cream of asparagus soup, the enrichment of using just asparagus stalks as the stock is fantastic.

And, in under 3 minutes, I did learn something.  Want to know how to keep asparagus tips from curling?  Check it out.

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