Genetically-Modified Food Products, a National Concern

As I recall, I was in the Columbia Gorge on the drive back to Cincinnati when I heard the NPR story about an Oregon farmer who discovered genetically modified (GMO) wheat on his land.  The farmer noticed that the wheat did not die when sprayed with the herbicide Round-Up.

I am not qualified to judge the acceptability of genetically engineered crops for human consumption; however, it’s a topic that is being thrust into the national  conversation.  International judgment seems heavily weighed against GMO, also known as genetically modified organisms or biotech crops. offers a more detailed perspective on GM food products.

As we become more keenly aware of how factors such as nutrition, stress, exercise and self-care have immediate and measurable impact on human health and longevity, and we strive to improve our and our family’s health, attention must be paid to whether genetically modified grains and other GM food products are acceptable in the American food system.

Education is the key.  Please follow the story.

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