There’s No Place Like (Eating Close to) Home

You know the saying “missing the forest for the trees?”  A new client whose Wyoming IMAG0522home I walked through today asked to take me to lunch.  She asked if I were familiar with Shaan, an Indian place in Hyde Park Plaza.

Isn’t it amazing how much of the detail of life we miss by unknowingly filtering our environment?  How can it be that, IMAG0523with my interest in food, and living less than a mile from the Plaza, I completely missed this restaurant?

Shaan’s analogy of its northern Indian cuisine is, “By toning down the use of chilies, as IMAG0525well as some of the richer ingredients, Shaan Indian Cuisine offers recipes that are gentler, but retain the flavor, aroma and texture for which Indian cuisine is rightfully famous.”

The menu has vast vegetarian and chicken offerings.  The lunch buffet even offers some surprises not available on the menu.  The dishes were bright, well textured and thoughtfully-spiced.  Additional heat was available at diner discretion.

Shaan is my new go-to spot.

Shaan, 3880 Paxton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209, 513.533.3100

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