What are You Willing to Dedicate Yourself to?

Over the course of time and much more so recently, I’ve been sitting with the question: “What am I willing to dedicate myself to?”  What spiritual practice, activities, commitments, interests, relationships, etc., am I willing to support in every necessary detail?  The things we spend our money and time on are the commitments that are really important to us, no matter what we say.


Deborah, a dear friend from Maryland, and I had lunch this weekend at Trio in Kenwood.  She travels back to Cincinnati every year for the presentation of scholarships, through her Cincinnati church, that she continues to fund even as a former resident.  Selection of young adults for scholarship is based upon criteria such as academic achievement, service to the community and detailed follow-through of the application process; however, selection rests with the committee, including my friend, Deborah, a co-founder.

I’ve noticed the same dedication to excellence in the ownership, menu and service at Trio.  IMAG0553Now countless are the times I’ve stopped for lunch or dinner, and the menu and service only improves.  Continuous quality in every respect.  Successful organizations are the collective result of the individual commitment to excellence of each member.

So, what am I willing to dedicate myself to in my spiritual practice, in my businesses, in my relationships?  What distractions in my life dilute those commitments?  These questions are the fodder for rich and deeply meaningful life activities.

What are you willing to dedicate yourself to?

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