I Needed a Food Friend

Many things are more disorienting, disturbing and draining than moving; however, when you’re in the throes of the event, absolutely nothing comes to mind.  If a cross-country road trip wasn’t reality-shaking enough, the move from my Hyde Park condo to a friend’s Covington Mainstrasse house dissolved nearly all remaining ideas I had about how to live.

When life is in a state of major flux, one looks for friends along the way and, by that, I mean Food Friends.  Food Friends, also called comfort food, need not be fat- or calorie-laden to satisfy.  One of my favorite Food Friends is a tuna salad sandwich on a honey-grain bagel from Marx Hot Bagels in Blue Ash.

The place rightfully generates controversy as one never knows whether she will be shouted at during the ordering process.  [The guy standing next to me at the counter asked, “You aren’t going to yell at me, are you?”]  It’s hard to know what the intended Marx customer experience is, so wacky and unpredictable is the service.  Nonetheless, the bagels are superior in quality and variety to any other bagel store in town, in my view.


When one needs a Food Friend, other concessions can be made.

Marx Hot Bagels, 9701 Kenwood Rd, Blue Ash, 45242, 513.891.5542

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One Response to I Needed a Food Friend

  1. Pat Magee says:

    Looks like a nice and healthy food friend!

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