My Life is Like an Iceberg

A IMG_3553 resizeddear friend asked me this morning how living in the Covington Mainstrasse district felt.  My friends and family know that many facets of my life are currently in transition.  In a sec, I replied, “My life is like an iceberg.  There’s an imposing visible mass (the visible “me”), and occasionally large chunks fall off.  Under the surface, there’s deep quiet in the vast unseen portion.”

This conversation goes to a recent blog post entitled “What are You Willing to Dedicate Yourself to?” that was the product of a lot of internal work about what stays and what goes in my life.  To truly come to terms with what stays, it is most insightful to realize what no longer may remain.  There are seven things that I’m willing to dedicate myself to.  Seven might sound like a lot (or few); however, I include commitments to spiritual practices and personal care, which bounced forward yesterday with the re-integration of at least-monthly massage.  A seaweed wrap is on the docket in two weeks.

Not long after I made a commitment to that which stays, an opportunity arose to test the commitment.  My housemate mentioned that she had created a community garden on the lots next to her home, and offered the opportunity for me to plant a plot.  Ahhh, the test.  Can The Essential Garden blogger not be a gardener?  In this moment, at this time, in this season, the answer is yes, she can.

Nonetheless, The Essential Garden blog is on the dedication list, so emphasis will be on what others do well.  Organic farmers, noteworthy CSAs, great food markets, leading-edge food trends and fantastic dining adventures.

In that context, an upcoming series will focus on a terrific local CSA, the Red Sunflower Farm, in Independence, KY.  This is a ground-up story of creating success from inception by research, experimentation and hard work.  To whet your appetite, check out the 03-Jun-2013 post entitled “Mackey’s Fantastic Eggs and Turnip Greens”.

So, while I won’t be gardening, I will be deepening my commitment to eating from the garden.  Lunch today is a great case in point.  Voluminous dark, leafy kale and beautiful tender lettuces with young strawberries, fresh lemon juice and a shot or two of black truffle olive oil.


This week, the Retail Confectioners International convention is in Cincinnati, and we’ll have a ring-side seat.

Have you honed your dedication list?  What’s no longer on the list?

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One Response to My Life is Like an Iceberg

  1. Pat Magee says:

    I enjoy your blogging, Linda. You’re a good writer! See you in a few days.

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