The Food Gauntlet is Thrown Down Early in Life

Green Kitchen Stories was awarded the Best Special Diets Blog for 2013 by Saveur Magazine.  GKS is located in Sweden, and David Frenkiel’s, the blogger, focus is “healthy vegetarian recipes using whole food and organic products. We want our recipes to be as simple and pure as possible.”  I am completely aligned with simplicity and purity.

David, a magazine art director by day and food blogger in the wee hours of the night, describes GKS this way: “In our posts you will find our stories. And those stories paint a pretty good picture of our life. A few stories that tell a lot about us are these:
Linguine della via di Grotta Pinta 45
Frozen Pink Cheesecake
The First Meal

It’s a good analogy, yes?  That which we truly value seeps through what we say overtly and through what is implied.  So, in The First Meal, David and his wife, Luise Andersen, who is studying to be nutritional therapist, chronicled the first food they fed their little daughter, Elsa.  David: “I have just recently realized that most people actually believe that the way they eat is The Right Way. And our way – not eating meat, focusing on whole foods with a low intake on dairy products, gluten and sugar – represent some kind of diet that is good for you for a while, but not in the long run. Well, we believe that the way we eat is all-good for our bodies and that everybody probably would feel better cutting down on meat as the centre piece of the dinner and focus a little bit more on whole foods and vegetables.”

Isn’t it a common assumption that childrens’ likes are so few and their dislikes so numerous?  Likes: hot dogs, chicken fingers, mac and cheese.  Dislikes: everything else.  In my personal experience, my son, KC, trusted me very early on to tell him what he might like… things that were departures from Standard Childhood Fare.  That trust and comfort in trying something new has remained a part of the fabric of who he is as an adult.  Even something as simple as a homemade graham cracker is light-years ahead of any commercial product.

So, the gauntlet of food curiosity is thrown down very early in life.  And the payoff is huge for accepting the challenge to consume diverse foods at any and all ages.

It’s never too early, and it’s never too late.

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