One Less Car

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Essential Commentary.

IMAG0762Must be Portland, right?

Actually, it’s the intersection of Madison Rd and Dana Ave in Cincinnati.

I’m constantly aware of how my past experience creates subtle boundaries that limit how I perceive the world.  In fact, I’ve taken steps to increase my awareness of those limitations so as to dissolve them.  It’s interesting and valuable work.

The internal structure of how I learn, what’s called “spectrum-specific”, is two-fold:

  1. I have strong “create-execute” ability that allows me to move into and through daily events or any project with clarity and strength.  Great at executing the next step.
  2. I love to create something new and build it fully to fruition, bringing in others to support the vision or project.  I am not crazy about… let’s call it… “maintenance” of the project.  When the project is built, it’s time to move on.

So, what I notice is how those qualities that serve me (well) also limit my perspective about what’s possible.  I am not a global thinker.  It’s not the way my brain is structured.    The idea of giving up my car has been outside the framework of what I may think I can contribute to the greater good.  Granted, I use my car for work, but what if that weren’t a necessity?  Can I feel far enough outside myself to consider giving it up for even a small benefit to others?

I say this because the lady in the photo, as uncomfortable as it might have been to be biking on a major street in the summer heat and humidity, implemented a step in a process that she must have considered a benefit for the greater good.  One Less Car.

This is just one opportunity to think about the world in a different way, and I admire one person’s willingness to take action.

Bless her heart.

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