A Little Bit of (Coffee) Heaven

Coffee is a big deal for me as it is for many others.  I have no expertise on the topic of coffee bean roasting and blending, but I appreciate the nuances of the blends, and the depth of flavor of a great cup.  I support large and small coffee houses, and I have favorite blends produced by different companies.

For me, Sun mornings are filled with meditation and reading the New York Times,  when IMAG1049it shows up.  For Biscuit, it’s all about the park.  Even with cataracts, she taps into that totally free place where she can wander, then dreams Poodle dreams about her adventures.  I savor my coffee and newspaper.  Today the paper was missing, so the back-up plan is always to read the Times on-line.  Which circles back to coffee.

There’s a snappy little video about The Pulley Collective, a New York City coffee roasting facility, that’s supporting a new generation of coffee roasters.  The video also focuses on the “by-the-cup” coffee experience as a small celebration, a “culinary product”, a little work of art.

It’s a little luxury that’s here to stay.

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One Response to A Little Bit of (Coffee) Heaven

  1. Pat Magee says:

    For me, drinking coffee is like alcohol in any form used to be: I drink for the effect. Two cups in the a.m. are now all I can handle. I miss being able to do 4-5 a day. An addict, yes!

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