I’m Keeping an Eye on You(r Food)

IMAG0997Floating homes.  Furtive fowl friends.

Ducks, geese and egrets, the visual props of Hayden Island’s Island Café, have a clear, although demure, strategy.  They’re second in line in the food chain on this floatingIMAG0983 hang-out, and are shameless in making their presence and desires known.

The Columbia River is about 50% wider in most areas than the Ohio, its most magnificent in the Gorge and at its mouth at the Pacific, the lush Young River valley to its south.

Nonetheless, inland the river is really quite magnificent as well, the effect made all the more noticeable when sitting tableside.

IMAG0987My friend, Bryan, played guitar at the Island Café some months ago, and we agreed that celebrating Portland sunshine with a beer and fish plate could do it no better honor.  Chowder, clams, lobster wraps, soft tacos, fish baskets, burgers, salads and super-cool specialty sandwiches.  A dandy little selection of IPAs and micro-brews.


It felt good to know we garnered so much attention, even if the glances were back-handed.  We didn’t take it personally.

Island Café, McCuddy’s Marina at Hayden Island, Portland, OR, 503.283.0362

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