Pie is Reason Enough to Celebrate

The clock is ticking but there’s still time.  To make 20 pies.

My spiritual teacher once reflected on a quality of his pre-awakened personality: “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”  So when the New York Times food and dining section posted Twenty Pie Recipes for summer on 25-Aug, all I could think of was a race to the Labor Day finish line.  I don’t have that over-achievement gene; however, I’m a pie lover and aficionado, and I’ll accept a small challenge.

The focus of the post is total immersion in late summer fruit… peaches, berries, rhubarb, sour cherries, apricots.  I’ve selected two, the Butter Pie and the Lemon Confit Shortbread Tart, that look like family reunion fare.  [I have family members who expect berry pies, though, and I can’t negotiate those out with outliers.]

So, why not accept a little challenge?  Scared to death of pie crust?  Try the Jumbleberry Grunt.  Like the appeal of a one-dish layered cobbler?  Try the Brown Butter Nectarine Cobbler.  Fearless rolling dough, and ready for the next challenge?  Try the consummate summer celebrator: Twice-Baked Sour Cherry Pie.  Ratchet it up with cherry-almond gelato or cinnamon ice cream.  All in?  Raspberry Hazelnut Tart.

This is all to say, there’s still time.  Hell, invite friends for just pie and coffee.  Maybe a sip or two of an after-pie liqueur.  After all, we never need a reason to celebrate.  It’s summer.

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One Response to Pie is Reason Enough to Celebrate

  1. Karen Cianciolo says:

    My husband wants to know where to be and at what time!

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