Cincinnati’s Summer Holy Trinity

In Louisiana, it’s the Cajun trio: onion, celery, bell pepper.  Granted, the Trio is a means to an end… the flavor foundation in many Southern dishes.  In Ohio in the summer, the Holy Trinity speaks for itself as stand-alones: tomatoes, corn and green beans.  No geographical region produces sweeter corn, more voluptuous tomatoes and more perfect green beans.

Ever think of sweet corn as an entrée?  With a side of tomatoes?  And another side of green beans?  Embellishment can feel like sacrilege; however, a fruity olive oil drizzled over the corn and a speck of herbed salt?  Heaven.  How about a slice of fresh mozzarella and a small dice of cucumber, red onion, celery and jalapeno on that tomato?  A splash of champagne vinaigrette on lightly steamed, cooled green beans with fresh dill?  A hunk of great bread?

No excuses offered for the lack of protein.  There will be plenty of other protein-appropriate days.  These sides are so good no one will miss it.

Get a bib.  Maybe a rain coat.  And dig in.

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