Caffeination, the Road Trip

Caffeination.  Correct spelling.  Quite a road trip.

Brandon Davenport is the coffee specialist at The Pancake Epidemic in L.A.  He has the goal of drinking 100 cups of coffee in 13 days on his “Caffeination” journey to experience great coffee.  His first stop was in San Francisco.  Stop #2 was where I caught up with him.  You guessed it: Portland.

He learned about aromatics, and “cupping”, and how to slurp coffee.  Turns out, pushing the grounds from the surface of a freshly brewed cup of coffee with the back of a spoon, and then getting really close to the surface of the cup allows you to smell the fine aromatics of the roast.  Incorporating air by loud slurping maximizes the aromatics.  Plus you get to act like a kid.

Brandon also tried to brew coffee on the road with his… no kidding… coffee cup converter.  Didn’t work out for lack of sufficient charge, but we knew brewing on the road had to be the next thing someone did in a car.

He’s off to Seattle now.  Then Missoula, then Boulder.  Might be fun to see what other stunts unfold.  Might be even more fun to slurp coffee.  In public.  Without excuse.  Like a kid.

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