Food Bulletin

OK, it’s a pet food bulletin.  But it’s important pet food. reports that the One Ton Pet Food Drive to support the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry kicked off its third annual drive on 29-Sep, and lasts for four weeks. We don’t often think of how tough economic times can cause pets to go hungry until a natural disaster strikes and stories surface of pets who are deserted by their families. It actually doesn’t take any such profound an event for families to struggle to feed their pets.

Panera Bread and KennelResorts in Milford partner to collect 2000 pounds of pet food for low-income families, and supporting the project is easy.

“Collection barrels will be located at Panera Bread locations – Harper’s Point, Milford and Eastgate. Unexpired, unopened pet food is needed for dogs and cats, as well as food for other animals, such as hamsters, birds, fish etc.”

“Shannon DeBra, a local attorney, who started the organization, said “When families are having a difficult time feeding their children, you can see why they might not have the resources to feed their dog or cat. Helping these families keep their pets at home prevents additional strain on local rescue organizations and shelters that are already overcrowded. The pet food is given to low income families at no charge after they verify their eligibility.”

Here’s an alternative to food drop-off: “A check can be made out to the Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry and mailed to KennelResorts, 5825 Meadowview Drive, Milford, OH 45150. Or call KennelResorts at 831-7297 to give a credit card contribution to the One Ton Pet Food Drive. 100 percent of all monetary contributions will go to purchase pet food for the thousands of hungry dogs and cats in our community.”

If you don’t live in Cincinnati, take five minutes to find a local pet food pantry in your city and write a check. Better yet, make a commitment to write one annually.

This is one more small but effective way we can shift resources we already have to help improve a family’s quality of life by helping support a pet who supports them.

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