Grouper Sliders Didn’t Disappoint

IMAG1464Meaty little grouper puffs with gribiche… that wonderful cold French mayonnaise-style sauce with hard-cooked eggs, cornichons, capers and fines herbes… on snappy little yeast buns.  A Caesar side salad.  Meal #1

Pecan-crusted goat cheese, tomato-basilIMAG1471 relish, balsamic vinaigrette, flatbread crisps. And a side of roasted Brussel sprouts grilled to have the satisfaction of potato chips.  Meal #2

Oh yes, a half-off bottle of northern California Sauvignon blanc.

Give up?  Trusty Trio Bistro. They know how to wine and dine a girl on a Mon night.  My friend, Karen (I have five Karens in my life), and I were the stars of what felt like a movie in the wide-screen window of the Trio addition that literally overlooks the parking lot.  It was like being the players on a big screen where the cars we were viewing were actually viewing us in the days-of-old drive ins.  Life looking at itself.


Anyway, the place is, of course, a keeper.  It’s the best-kept non-secret in town.  So, whether it’s the best flatbreads I know for apps, or the perfectly grilled piece of fish, or a voluptuous salad, there is never a miss at Trio.

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