Spinning the Arrow on the Food Game Board

Mt Rainier, Mt Adams

Mt Rainier, Mt Adams

Snow-covered mountains on the skyline.  Old growth parks.  It must be Portland.

Rainier and Adams dominate the horizon to the north at 26,000 feet, and Mt Hood to the south, having prominence over all else on the local skyline.

Mt Hood

Mt Hood

They never fail to inspire.

The second order of business after reconnecting with local geography is the search for food.  There are a handful of cities where one can “point and click” and have very little risk of getting a bad meal.  I liken it to spinning the arrow on a game board and coming up a winner every time.  So, as Biscuit and I rolled into town this afternoon (she, the now-frequent flyer), we cruised for a great, light meal.  Great.  Light.

IMAG1490Got Pho?  No, I really mean it.  Got Pho!  Spicy lemongrass chicken on a crunchy, chewyIMAG1494 grilled bun with all the Vietnamese trappings.  A couple of vegetable rolls and salted lemonade.  Yes, salted lemonade.  The owner actually suggested I try it with 50% of the salt they add for more experienced devotees.  A good decision.

One of the things I love most about IMAG1501Vietnamese food is that, even in an Americanized sandwich, the ingredients are a juxtaposition of flavor and vibrant color.  The texture of the bread through and through has substance yet complements the ingredients without attracting attention away from them.

The egg roll wrappers are light puffs that crumble in your mouth, barelyIMAG1496 able to house the veggies and never greasy or heavy.  The veggie filling is bright, the ingredients individually discernible.

So on the food game board, the arrow landed on Got Pho?  The prize?  Yet another reminder that it’s very, very easy to eat really, really well.

Got Pho?, 3634 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232, 503.232.4888

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