Perfect Portland Trifecta

It’s the best kind of day when one can, a. meet a new friend; b. discover a new restaurant;  and c. bask in the glory of a perfect Portland fall afternoon.  Biscuit and I hit the trifecta today.

IMAG1509Laughing Planet Café definitely has the last laugh when it comes to a business model.  And if, and only if, more money were their object, they could make a planet full by opening more stores.

Christie, my new friend, suggested we meet at the Multnomah Village location across from the SW Community Center.  The menu lays the ground work for the attitude of the place, and, beef notwithstanding, I knew I’d be trying many other dishes inIMAG1511 the future.  I’ll admit that Biscuit was a factor in my decision-making because if I eat, she eats.  So I opted for the Paleo Bowl.  We all now know the Paleo diet, right?

The Paleo bowl is “grilled veggie mix and garlic green beans on a bed of sautéed kale topped with your choice of Draper Valley natural chicken breast or local braised 100% grass-fed beef, topped with chimichurri sauce.”  Perfectly grilled vegetables with smaller-than-haricot vert green beans with delectably tender chicken.  Exactly how I like to eat.


Zappatizers.  Salads: Planet Chop.  Kale Caesar.  Highway to Kale.

Bowls: Paleo Bowl.  Bollywood Bowl.  Thai Bowl.  Korean BBQ Bowl.  Cuban Bowl.  Spanky’s Bowl.  Soylent Green Bowl.

Burritos.  An inspiring list of smoothies.  A kids’ menu.

So, top off the experience of getting to know a new friend and eating a great lunch with a pure-Portland day.  That’s a Trifecta of the Oregon Order.

Laughing Planet Café, 4405 SW Vermont Ave, Portland, OR 97219, 503.244.5254 (actually, they in all the hip areas of Portland)

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