Tis the Season for Roasting

The glorious scents of open roasting that circulated through the Portland Farmers Market on the Portland State University campus this morning more than equaled the sights.

Choice French and Italian marrones, grown using centuries-old technique and seldom available at retail in the United States.

Chestnuts, pan roasting

Chestnuts, pan roasting

Imagine the intensely earthy scent of peppers roasting over an open flame, skins charred, its roasted flesh fragrance wafting through the cool fall air.

Hand-roasted peppers

Hand-roasted peppers

The fall palette was on display, and one of the stars of the fall show is the chanterelle.  Chanterelles of this size, perhaps twice the size of a fisted hand, flourish in the western US.

Gorgeous chanterelles

Gorgeous chanterelles

High flavonoid, cruciferous green kale varieties and darker hued leeks and scallions were the backdrop for fall squash.

Squash, kale varieties

Squash, kale varieties

Never more glorious fall artichokes.



IMAG1577Appropriate fare for the fall glory?  How to celebrate communing with vegetables?  A grilled white Tillamook cheddar cheese sandwich and fresh cream of tomato soup.


Celebrations immediate and future.  In each moment we have the extraordinary opportunity to see, hear, smell and taste the beneficent bounty of autumn.

Portland Farmers Market, SW Park Ave & SW Montgomery St, Portland, OR 97201

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  1. ruby belval says:

    Greater pictures.

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