Loving Lebanese

Decades ago Lebanese food was a revelation to me.  Hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghanouj, IMAG1587falafel, stuffed grape leaves, the Lebanese flat pita bread and baklava.  I immediately learned to love the middle eastern core ingredients: olive oil, lemon, garlic, tahini, feta, lentils, olives, pine nuts, yogurt, grilled vegetables, and the use of sugar syrups and ground nuts in desserts, particularly pistachios.

Fast forward to dinner at Karam in downtown Portland with Lynn and Jack.  It’s an impressive and varied dinner menu.  Each category of appetizers, soups and salads wasIMAG1590 comprehensive.  Entrees included fish, stews, kabab, vegetable dishes… even calzone and pizza, an explanation for which is on the website.

The food is deeply flavorful, and the service was energetic.  Although I commonly take half my entrée home, I discovered quite surprisingly at the end of the meal that nothing was left.  A very good sign, and reason enough to return.

Shrimp kabab

Shrimp kabab

Karam, 316 SW Stark Street, Portland, OR 97204, 503.223.0830

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