Precision is a Feature of Authentic Expression

Charlie Trotter’s death this past week at age 54 and at the literal peak of his career is deep food for reflection. So much has been written and so many awards have been presented to Charlie Trotter’s and to him personally for the brilliance of his food and the depth of his humanitarianism that no accolades are necessary from someone who didn’t know him personally.

What distinguishes a chef whose creativity finds its own inherent brilliance is that which marks others’ greatness in all fields. Precision.

When I reflect on the care of a craftsman or the vision of an artist or the sculpted physicality of an athlete at the very highest levels, the common denominator is precision.  Precision in each moment along the path of creation. Precision is a feature of authentic expression.

In Charlie’s case, precision to detail, to balance, to scale, to architecture, to the simple visual pleasure of a completed dish, each a gift to a guest.

When one makes room for simplicity and singularity in life, precision is a beautiful tool to celebrate each moment.

Our lives have benefitted from Charlie Trotter’s presence and from his precision.

Charlie Trotter’s, 816 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60614,  773.248.6228

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