Wine’s Sinister Side

Pizza box lid hits full glass of wine.  Wine cascades over laptop keyboard. I can still see and feel the slo-mo horror of it.

Diagnostics.  Prognosis.  Treatment decision calculated on remaining usable life of a 3.5 year old machine.  Tablet pressed into service.  Carbonite acknowledged as the best decision ever.

Keyboard replacement (10 day transit). TEN days. Patient shows evidence of recovery/remission.  Family overjoyed.

Relapse.  Critical care diagnostics.  Motherboard succumbs to undiscovered puddles of wine.  Condition deemed terminal.  Tablet further appreciated as lifeline to blog, business, the world.

Laptop funeral pyre, cremation.  Successor search on.

Wine’s sinister side.

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One Response to Wine’s Sinister Side

  1. Pat Magee says:

    If you turn the laptop over it might dry out alright. I’ve done that with water spills. Yes, sinistere (the left hand).

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