Culinary and Landscape Dazzle

IMAG1904Portland to Cincinnati.  My fascination with observing the IMAG1816curvature of the Earth and the detail of the landscape from 31,000 feet has never diminished.  It’s such a privilege to be reminded of the beauty of the world we live in, and I never take it for granted.

So, pre-dawn, as Biscuit assumed her position under the seat in front of me and we flew east, the sun had just begun casting IMAG1897deep golden rays laterally against the Cascades.  The mountains looked like anthracite coal contrasted by their shiny bronze-colored east faces.  I was reminded of a lava field on the Big Island in Hawaii.

The cast-off from Portland was dinner at Quartet on the south waterfront. Glitz, glass,IMAG1884 glam.  Quartet opened in Feb-2013, offers a contemporary Pacific Northwest menu with Pan Asian flair, and live piano IMAG1879music from Wed-Sat.  My sister, Donna, and I shared Braised Scallops with Crab Risotto, Fig Jam and Chives.  Flash-fried Brussels Sprouts  finished with balsamic vinaigrette were crusty and sweet.  We even had a taste of Truffle Mac before it IMAG1907made its way home with Donna.

Sweet food dreams lingered long as we flew the frosty skies.

Quartet, 1910 SW River Dr, Portland, OR 97201, 503.222.7300

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