Extend the Season of Celebration

Made The List and checked it twice.  The client list.  Long ago, I awoke to the fact that the

Essential Orange Caramel

Essential Orange Caramel

holiday season is just that, a season, so I took myself off the hook for accomplishing everything before Christmas.  Essential Caramel delivery to friends and clients is about to begin.

All of my business relationships as a Realtor are client, not customer, relationships.  Fiduciary relationships, not salesperson relationships.  Many years ago I couldn’t have imagined that spontaneously visiting clients with small gifts in hand would evolve into one of my very favorite activities.  Quick visits and small gifts reinforce relationships.  All the better if the gift is food.

It has always been a personal philosophy to celebrate the events of my life.  Marking

Essential Salted Chocolate Caramel

Essential Salted Chocolate Caramel

events, small or large, is a way of being fully present to my own experience and to those I serve.  As a confectioner, I celebrate my what my customers celebrate.  What’s better than that?

So, let the holiday continue for just a bit longer. Take time to visit, even for a few minutes, with a friend over a great cup of tea or coffee, or a great glass of wine.  A small amount of something wonderful is better than a lifetime of nothing special.  That’s another life philosophy.

Happy holidays.

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