From Sandbox to Saffron

It’s a mother’s prerogative to preserve those lumps of clay her son skillfully crafted into IMAG1928works of art in elementary school.  In rummaging through KC’s childhood projects I discovered a timeline of seminal events in the first ten years of his life.  These were events that he deemed important.  The discovery was a segue of thought for me into how each of us reflects on events that shape our lives, hopefully, as an exercise of broadened awareness.

So it is with our food life.  Foods trend in and trend out over the course of a calendar year to be replaced with the next level of sophistication or simplicity.  We mark trends of individual food items such as burgers of all varieties, to more moderately complex dishes like goulash, to reuses of staple food ingredients such as eggs in dishes more gastronomically mature.  There were 2013 cross-cultural trends such as Paris cooks’ interest in lobster rolls, and a resurfacing of interest in American Southern food.  There was the broadening of interest in the perennial staple (or delicacy, as is your perspective) of cheese, the star of a convivial Italian festival.

A snapshot of T Magazine’s best food stories of 2013 is a varied slice of the year’s food trends and a reflection of who we were in food.  Of course, these articles only scratch the surface of our food year; however, our food lives only scratch the surface of Who We Are as beings.  Nonetheless, it’s lovely to ruminate about the evolution of our food lives, particularly as it relates to daily life choices.

It’s a delicious reminder that we are never more or less than we are in each moment, children of any age.

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