Even the Best Push Boundaries

Aren’t you encouraged to do the best possible work in your chosen field (and in life, overall) by the model of an already successful company offering new products that align with its core values?  I am. Graeter’s, the Cincinnati-based super-premium ice cream and confectionary IMAG0678company, is at the top of its game; yet, the Cincinnati Business Courier reported today that Graeter’s will debut lines of gelato and reduced-sugar ice cream in Cincinnati Kroger stores by the end of the month.  I posted about Graeter’s a few months ago after having taken a tour of the Reading Rd plant with Retail Confectioners International.  I also gave a snapshot of Graeter’s 143-year history. Dig this.  CBC reports: “Graeter’s will begin offering four gelato flavors this week: vanilla with milk chocolate truffles, hazelnut with hazelnut-filled truffles, dark chocolate with IMAG0702dark chocolate-filled truffles and caramel with caramel-filled truffles.  A family confectioner in Pennsylvania makes all of the truffles included in the line.”  Truffles in gelato.  Hazelnut (the consummate dessert flavor) with hazelnut-filled truffles?  Caramel (always my fave) with caramel-filled truffles?  Can it get any better? And the reduced-sugar ice cream line, called A Little Less Indulgent, “contains 50 percent less sugar, 25 percent less fat and 25 percent fewer calories than traditional Graeter’s ice cream.” So, birthing sister products to the company’s Big Brother is a very big deal, indeed.  I, for one, take heart in taking the risk to produce the best possible products, and to be open to inventing others that align with my core values.  It’s knowing your niche and being the best at what you do, but not being afraid to gently push the boundaries. As the taste of a peach or a strawberry or a truffle cannot be understood by writing about it, I’m off to do field work.  I’ll meet you at a neighborhood Graeter’s store.

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One Response to Even the Best Push Boundaries

  1. Ace says:

    Such difficult reacher work to be done! So sorry for you!!

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