When the World Ends, Give Me Galette

New to me is the frustration of being in a snowy city where so rare is the event that no snow removal equipment exists.  So, day 3 of The Snow of 2014 in Portland, now 6″ on the ground and not a snow plow in sight, forces one to turn inside, and by inside I mean the kitchen.  Creativity and consolation in the warmth of the stove.

Potato galette. Thinly sliced potatoes sautéed, turned, sautéed and seasoned with herbs of your choice. Simple, earthy, elegant… a definite snow day reward. Here we go.

Potato Galette

2# gold potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced

1+ Tbsp olive oil (use that garlic infused oil in your frig)

Freshly crushed dried rosemary (you can vary with ground nutmeg, oregano, thyme)

Freshly ground black pepper

Pat sliced potatoes dry.  Place olive oil in saute pan sized for two layers of potatoes.  IMAG1962[Note: if your potatoes are sliced very, very thin, you can have several layers.  They’ll cook successfully since the heat is being encapsulated with the lid.]  Sprinkle with rosemary, nutmeg or oregano and pepper.  Starting in the center of the pan, position potato slices in an overlapping circle to the sides of the pan. Repeat with a second [or third] layer.

Traditionally, galette is made without cheese, although a sprinkling of shredded sharp Romano or other medium-hard aged cheese is an asset in between layers of potatoes if that’s your preference.

Cover pan; saute over medium heat approximately 15 min until well browned, shaking pan slightly to loosen potatoes.  Flatten potatoes with a spatula.  Place a serving plate over pan and flip to transfer galette.  Ensure saute pan is dry, clean and oiled.  Slide galette back into pan uncooked side down, and saute another 15 min.  A cake tester can be inserted to check potatoes for tenderness.


Slide galette onto serving platter.  Season with salt.  Garnish with bits of herbs and a drizzle of olive oil, if desired.  Serves 4.

So, the Omega Man feeling of being the last human on Earth on a snowy Portland day can have a silver lining.  Galette is tender, soothing and supreme comfort food.

I wonder if the effect is the same with four straight days of rain.  It’s only a matter of time until I find out.

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One Response to When the World Ends, Give Me Galette

  1. Lynn Wagner says:

    sounds delish!!!!

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