I Was Caught in the Lure of the Fisherman’s Net

I know how it feels to be a fish on a line. On Sat, the Portland Farmers Market fish monger IMAG2127caught me.  I was swimming along on the PSU campus, basking in the delight of the fragrance and flower of the market, when a splendid fillet of Chinook salmon baited me.  I was hooked.

My Camerons Smoker christened its maiden voyage on this blog a little over a year ago.  At that time, I used a rub on the salmon fillet and a pretty standardized recipe.  I have to admit to being concerned about whether I was smoking the salmon adequately or excessively.

One note I made for future reference was to select an evenly thick center cut of salmon, so this fillet was particularly appealing.IMAG2144 I used only freshly ground pepper and fresh lemon juice on the fillet.  I selected alder wood chips for smoking, and estimated the cooking time at 25 min, checking for flakiness at 20 min.

The result was a uniformly tender and seductively smokey salmon fillet.  It was an amazing enhancement to the Columbia Valley Chateau Ste Michelle Eroica 2012 Riesling… Eroica in honor of Beethoven’s 3rd symphony.  It was symphonic, all right.


So, be courageous.  Experiment with simple, high quality ingredients, and don’t be afraid to pair a Cabernet-Merlot blend or a Rhone-style Syrah-Grenache blend with a simple, elegant smoked salmon fillet.

It will reel you in… hook, line and sinker.

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