There Was Never any Doubt About the Color of Life

Green really is the color of life.

IMAG2117In plants, in trees, in photosynthesis. It’s no secret that a deeply green environment is particularly prominent in Portland with >40″ IMAG2118of rainfall each year.

Moss grows on the sidewalks and fences, in any shaded area and on the north side of literally any surface.  I often think roofing contractors must do very well here, so common are moss covered shingles.

IMAG2120Ferns grow everywhere with seemingly no nourishment, needing only scant dirt or bark and a misty rain to thrive.  It’s really quite remarkable and deeply beautiful.

So, Portland has a fundamental focus on greenery and greens.

Red Spinach

Red Spinach

The food markets are filled with greens common and unique, the commoners showing off a deeper spectrum of life, the unique greens beckoning the creativity of the cook.

Miners Lettuce

Miners Lettuce

Each week growers show off their best, and an opportunity for self-education of somewhat obscure produce is available by just opening a conversation.  In addition to my weekly hunt for the organic spinach and kale I crave, there was red spinach, Red Russian kale, Brussels sprouts raab, kale rapini, Miner lettuce and baby kale braising mix.

Last week I did a quick saute of Brussels sprouts raab in olive oil

Brussels Sprouts Raab

Brussels Sprouts Raab

finished with vegetable stock and the teeniest bit of seasoning.  This week the grower touted the antioxidant and cancer-fighting benefits he said I’d find on the Internet when eaten raw, so a raw salad was in order.

Flavorful, filling and fulfilling.  It’s easy to show off nature’s best when the green building blocks are in place.


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