Researching the Medicinal Benefits of Craft Vodka at 9:00am

It turns out that drinking vodka at 9:00a on Sat has its advantages.

First, you discover you’re not the only one who’s willing to set aside that artificial window for acceptable drinking hours.  Who’s idea was that, anyway?  I watched other brave souls sachet up to the New Deal Distillery booth at the Portland Farmers Market at PSU, so in the spirit of researching the medicinal benefits craft spirits might provide, I took courage in hand.


I then discovered the next benefit.  There’s a real conversation to be had about another segment of the fantastic Portland food (and wine, and beer and spirits) culture.  I admit that I was particularly intrigued because in recent weeks my Beverage & Mixology class at the Oregon Culinary Institute had tasted many varieties of vodka (and gin, and rum, and tequila, and bourbon, and scotch, and brandy, and liqueur and cognac).

The New Deal Vodka: “Made using our own unique recipe, the New Deal Vodka delivers subtle botanical hints and provides an extremely smooth finish.

“Crafted as a “sipping vodka,” this exceptional spirit can double as an elegant and dependable foundation to any cocktail.  Clean and light on the palate, New Deal Vodka is an especially good choice for recipes featuring delicate flavors, such as white tea, cucumber or raspberry.”

I also tasted the Ginger Liqueur.  New Deal: “We start with fresh organic ginger root, chopped, and infuse it in spirit for many weeks.  We finish with organic cane sugar and a hint of agave nectar.  The result is the intense spice of ginger balanced with sweetness.”  No small wonder that it’s a market favorite.

The other benefit of this experience is that I can further my non-medicinal spirits education in the New Deal tasting room.  At my leisure.  With friends.  I have coupons for free tastings in hand.

So, drop the pretext, gather a group and head for the tasting room.  There aren’t enough days in the year to experience everything the Portland culinary culture has to offer, but that’s no reason not to try.

I’ll meet you there.

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