Iorio, a Star in Heaven

IMG_5984Stars cross when elegant, handmade pasta dishes arise out of thoughtful, committed product sourcing.  Such a galaxy exists under the name of Iorio in Portland’s SE.

Attention must be paid to the model of simple, home-style quality that is Iorio’s hallmark.  Chicken is sourced from Draper Valley Farms; pork is sourced from Carlton Farms.  Both are well-known in the Portland food community as organizations dedicated to humanely raised and sustainably farmed animal production.

Iorio: “Paying homage [to chef Chris Thompson’s great-grandmother, Julia Iorio] Iorio is IMG_5980an award-winning home-style Italian restaurant dedicated to the tradition of gathering together to share a love of great food…”

Indeed.  Fresh, handmade ravioli with braised chicken, mozzarella, ricotta and pesto with a basil cream sauce, sheep’s milk IMG_5981pecorino and holy oil.  Deeply flavored; immensely satisfying.

Her favorite Italian restaurant, my friend’s favorite Iorio dish is the Eggplant Parmesan.  Beautiful layers of eggplant roasted in the traditional style of the dish, drizzled with pesto.  Succulent.

Chef Chris Thompson does very well that which engenders his guests’ accolades and loyalty.  He pairs the best Italian food with his own presence at the guest’s table,  making the entire experience memorable.

Iorio’s original trajectory to “teach cooking in-house” is alive and well today.  They offer classes with Chef Chris for private parties or special occasion groups.

Stars are crossing on SE Hawthorne.

Iorio, 912 SE Hawthorne, Portland, OR 97214, 503.445.4716






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