Welcome to What Has Always Been Present

The Essential Garden blog is veering around a new corner.

Almost four years after its inception and going forward, the blog’s focus will be a bit more topical; posts will be succinct, somewhat less conversational and, hopefully, distilled into the essence of the topic.

Opinion inserted in the posts will be placed to engender thought, conversation and, sometimes, action.

Dedicating myself to a Baking & Pastry Management degree at the Oregon Culinary Institute drove the creation of the On Pleasureful Pastry blog a few months ago. The OPP blog is more the journey of a novice pastry cook into the sophisticated word of pastry art, stumbles and successes all. Humility, humor and self-effacing commentary are the spokes of the OPP pastry wheel, flourished with a new love for poetry.

So, welcome to what has always been present. Promise kept.

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