What is Your Axis Tethered To?

Ever felt like your axis was tethered to the tail of a kite? Are you aware that you have an axis? Or a tether? You have both… we all do… but the vast majority of us go through life feeling around our axis or trying to avoid being aware of it it altogether.

Recognizing one’s own axis and having a willingness to ride the waves of change that attach to life’s upheavals, say in career change, is courageous… a kind of courage I have deep respect for.

Karen Cianciolo, health coach and principal in KTC Wellness, and I shared corporate employment many years ago. Karen’s personal life over these many years since, exemplified in commitments to excellence in food and fitness, now has a permanent professional face that benefits others.

Karen’s decision to counsel others into the individual choices that benefit their health and wellness are a natural extension of who she is. This is a life lived authentically for the benefit of others.

Who do you know who could benefit from wellness counseling? Small changes yield big results that manifest in transformed lives. Only little bits of courage are required. One needn’t feel tethered to the tail of a kite to realize significant change in wellness. Ask Karen.

Have you discovered your axis? What are you willing to do with it to benefit others?

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One Response to What is Your Axis Tethered To?

  1. Robin says:

    So true, Linda. And, I think, spoken from someone that shows courage. Thank you for being someone I can look up to!

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