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Can I Commit to Eating Regionally?

As California’s historic drought continues and thousands of acres of farmland are laying fallow, I began to wonder what it would really be like to eat only what grows regionally… eating only what I would drive to purchase if I were buying it … Continue reading

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What is Your Axis Tethered To?

Ever felt like your axis was tethered to the tail of a kite? Are you aware that you have an axis? Or a tether? You have both… we all do… but the vast majority of us go through life feeling … Continue reading

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Welcome to What Has Always Been Present

The Essential Garden blog is veering around a new corner. Almost four years after its inception and going forward, the blog’s focus will be a bit more topical; posts will be succinct, somewhat less conversational and, hopefully, distilled into the essence of the topic. … Continue reading

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A Great Resource: Rate Your Plate

The Environmental Working Group has created a valuable food product resource called Food Scores: Rate Your Plate. It’s a comprehensive website that rates products by label and type and compares them to others of its category with a numerical rating … Continue reading

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The Pen and Ink Cookbook

I told Mark Bittman this week that I really love his food triage, the graphic, entertaining ‘food flow chart’ as I call it, that he has frequently published in the New York Times. Mark said that at the Times they actually call it “the … Continue reading

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Iorio, a Star in Heaven

Stars cross when elegant, handmade pasta dishes arise out of thoughtful, committed product sourcing.  Such a galaxy exists under the name of Iorio in Portland’s SE. Attention must be paid to the model of simple, home-style quality that is Iorio’s hallmark.  … Continue reading

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Eating Pesticides Under the Guise of a Potato

GMO food products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  They are seen by the government, not as foodstuffs, but as pesticides, and are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In its simplest form, GMO plants are … Continue reading

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