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The Pen and Ink Cookbook

I told Mark Bittman this week that I really love his food triage, the graphic, entertaining ‘food flow chart’ as I call it, that he has frequently published in the New York Times. Mark said that at the Times they actually call it “the … Continue reading

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Live and Shop Compassionately – Who Me?

My love of butter, in its place and quantity, is no secret, so Mark Bittman’s recent New York Times article, “Butter is Back” might sound duplicitous to my recent blog post; however, there’s an important distinction. Mark was commenting on the recently … Continue reading

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Stop Looking for Lunch

Who says “It’s not hip to bring lunch?”  Mark Bittman has a firm grasp of the unspoken recognition that it’s somehow not cool to brown-bag lunch in his article entitled Bring Your Lunch to Work. This is a story about everything from … Continue reading

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Enter the (Un)Common Potato

I consistently tout The New York Times’ Mark Bittman’s protocol of taking a single ingredient and diagramming it with complementing or contrasting food products to push the cook’s idea of what is possible.  In this case, he honors the simple … Continue reading

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The Incredible Edible Egg

“If you can imagine eggs in slightly-out-of-the-ordinary dishes — salad, pasta, grits — you can begin to imagine a world of inexpensive, blazingly fast recipes.” This is Mark Bittman’s statement in a recent New York Times post that aligns with … Continue reading

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Hope for the American Food System?

Essential Commentary In a seemingly hopeless commentary in the Sun New York Times, Minimalist columnist Mark Bittman lamented everything that’s wrong with the commercial food system, noting the “dominance of hyper-processed, industrialized” food that’s causing many of the nation’s health … Continue reading

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